Royal Chair Caning offers both machine and hand caned chair and furniture caning services. Our caning patterns include traditional, fancy, and custom designed cane weaves.  If you don’t see the cane weave below that you desire, we may be able to custom design and hand weave the unique pattern you want.

Traditional Cane Weaves

The most common cane pattern is the six-way pattern (shown below or here); this pattern is has an octagon (8 sided) pattern.  It is found in the vast majority of cane seats and backs, and can be done using machine or hand cane methods.

Fancy Cane Weaves

Fancy cane weaves are intricate and beautiful designs that add a unique artistic flare to your furniture. Most fancy cane weaves are hand caned. Fancy hand cane patterns are best suited on backs of chairs, with the six-way on the seat since it’s more durable.

Custom Designed Cane Weaves

Royal Chair Caning can design a unique pattern for your furniture.  This is done when your chair’s original weave is unique or to change its aesthetic.  Most of the time, whatever was in the chair should go back in the chair, but occasionally a change to another weave or material is nice.